5 Corporations That Can Benefit from Digital Signage Solutions from Marvel Technology


In 2023, corporations across various industries are increasingly looking for cutting-edge marketing and advertising solutions to stay ahead of the curve.

Outdoor digital signage is a popular choice. As you put your business in the limelight, you’ll wow your audience, earn more conversions, and grow your business.

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at five corporations that can benefit from digital signage solutions from Marvel Technology.

1. Retail Industry

Retailers can significantly improve user experience by incorporating digital signage into their marketing strategies.

Marvel Technology’s outdoor floor standing displays and outdoor wall displays are perfect for promoting new products, showcasing promotional offers, and delivering targeted advertising messages. In addition, window digital signage can be used to catch people’s eye, drive foot traffic, and increase sales.

Using these tools, retailers can establish a dynamic and engaging shopping environment that sets them apart from the competition.

2. Hospitality & Tourism

Hotels, resorts, and tourist attractions can greatly benefit from digital signage solutions. Outdoor LCD kiosks can be strategically placed at key locations to equip visitors with essential information like directions, event schedules, and special offers.

Outdoor stretched LCD screens can be used to display captivating visuals. Moreover, smart bus stations equipped with digital signage can provide real-time updates on transportation schedules, helping tourists navigate their way easily.

3. Healthcare

Hospitals and medical centers can use Marvel Technology’s outdoor digital signage to enhance communication and improve patient experience.

Outdoor floor standing displays and outdoor wall displays can provide critical information like visiting hours, department locations, emergency guidelines, and more. Outdoor LCD kiosks can also be used to display interactive directories to help patients and families navigate complex medical facilities without any hassle.

By utilizing digital signage, healthcare institutions can reduce confusion, anxiety, and frustration for patients and their families, contributing to a more compassionate environment.

4. Corporate Communication

Digital signage can serve as a powerful communication tool for large corporations and office complexes. Marvel Technology’s outdoor wall displays and window digital signage can be used to convey important announcements, updates, and safety information to employees and visitors. Outdoor stretched LCD screens can also be used to display corporate branding and messaging.

5. Education

Educational institutions (schools, colleges, universities, etc.) can benefit from Marvel Technology’s digital signage solutions in numerous ways.

Outdoor wall displays and floor standing displays can be used to showcase upcoming events, achievements, and important announcements. These displays can also be used to feature student work and showcase notable alums. This is a great way to boost school spirit, establish a strong sense of community, and create a sense of pride among the students, faculty, and alums.

Outdoor LCD kiosks can serve as interactive information centers, providing students, faculty, and visitors with campus maps, directories, and real-time updates. They can also be used to display emergency alerts, weather updates, and other important announcements.

Moreover, outdoor stretched LCD screens can be used in educational spaces, such as auditoriums, lecture halls, and common areas, to display high-quality video content, presentations, and lectures.

If you want to leverage the power of digital signage displays, Marvel Technology is here to help. Explore our collection of products, including outdoor floor standing displays, outdoor wall displays, outdoor LCD kiosks, outdoor stretched LCDs, outdoor semi LCD screens, smart bus stations, and more.

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