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Команда QC состоит из опытных инженеров и техников. Работая над контролем системы управления качеством CEFCC, система QC охватывает все ...
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MARVEL helps you to easily maintain your outdoor digital signage

The emergence of new technologies is developing advanced LCD outdoor digital signage, which are increasingly used in different applications. These display devices have been used in street furniture, railway and bus stations, and airports to provide information that passengers need.
MARVEL's series of outdoor digital signage advertising machines provide a variety of options for display and digital signage in public or outdoor environments.
All of our outdoor digital advertising machines are designed with dust and waterproof applications in mind. The shell design meets the IP65 standard to ensure waterproof and dustproof. The outdoor digital signage displays can be used at a temperature of -30°. The main heat dissipation system is air-flow cooling system, and an additional air conditioner can also be selected, so that the outdoor LCD digital signage can also be used in an overheated environment.
The cabinet material of our outdoor advertising equipment is made of mainly galvanized plate, stainless steel is optional. The machine can be directly installed on the ground or wall-mounted, or special installation methods can be customized according to project requirements.
Our outdoor digital signs have excellent clarity and visibility even in bright sunlight. The built-in light sensor automatically adjusts the brightness according to the ambient light to optimize visibility during the day or night,this also can save customer’s operating costs.
One of our biggest advantage is our software - Outdoor LCD Maintenance Could (OMC)
The main features are Monitor operation status of key components ; 
Remote trouble shooting -You can find out problems on your own PC,no need to go on site and check problems;
Security self-protection function of outdoor digital signs
We also have free content management software (CMS),you can update content very easily by this software..
Please feel free to contact us if you’re interested in our outdoor LCD digital signage: info@marveltechgroup.com
Thanks for your time here..