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The QC team is composed of skilled engineers and technicians.Working on CEFCC quality management system control, the QC system covers al...
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As a professional outdoor digital signage manufacturer, MARVEL TECH enhanced the ability and level of independent research and development of Outdoor LCD Maintenance Could (OMC) in the past few years.With this OMC software,customer can monitor operation status of outdoor LCD screen on their own PCs.There are 3 main features :1. Monitor operation status of key components (LCD screen / cooling system / outer housing).2. Remote trouble shooting(You can find out problems of outdoor digital signage from this special function on your own PC,no need to go on site and check problems).3. Security self-protection function of lcd advertising display(There are diversified sensors for temperature, humidity, smoke, water immersion, current, open service door,collision (gyroscope), etc.The real-time sensor status information is transmitted to the system server,he user can send command directly to control the system of those specification via login the server system, to remote monitoring and control). Above OMC software is free of charge at the moment,integrated with outdoor digital signage displays,the whole solution could make your DOOH business easier..