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What are the inspection procedures of the stand-up outdoor LCD digital signage?

1. Chassis assembly process

1. The first thing you see in the outdoor advertising digital signage is the chassis. Because it is placed outdoors, IP65 is a general international standard. Generally, check whether the glass glue on the inner side of the welded shell of the shell is even, and whether it is dew on the outdoor welding.

2. Check the mounting bracket, whether the nut is tightly attached to the frame, and compare the mounting hole to pull it to fix it.

3. Compare with the case of the outdoor advertising player, fix the nut, carefully check the screw hole and the gap between the glass glue, if there is separation or water in, please disassemble the hole as soon as possible to make the waterproof glue firm.

4. Watch the surface of the whole machine clean and check whether there is dust inside the glass. Touch the inside of the glass to see if it is flattened. Use gravity to smooth it and see if there are blisters or bubbles. If there are, the touch will definitely fail.

5. Open the door frame of the advertising machine and try to close the door panel with one hand. If the door panel touches the pressure strip, the door cannot be closed with force, indicating that the outdoor vertical advertising machine door frame design does not meet the anti-theft standard. One is that the door panel structure is not good, and the other is the lock assembly.

6. Look at the running noise of the machine and see whether the insulation wool on the body can insulate the machine. If the air conditioner is noisy, the insulation wool will not reflect at all. First, consider the heat dissipation structure of the air conditioner.

2. Outdoor vertical advertising machine screen inspection standards

1. According to ordinary wiping, coat the glass with a dust-free cloth to see if there are water drops around the glass. If you find glass and there are water drops in the screw hole, please use glass glue to fill it.

2. Use a caliper to measure the distance between the inner side of the glass and the LCD screen. If the tape exceeds 1mm, please pay attention to the air-cooled structure design.

3. Check whether the internal board of the LCD screen is clear, and whether the surface of the LCD screen is guaranteed to be free of dust and stains.

4. Carefully watch the LCD panel and the support frame, according to the direction indicated on the backlight, to see if the LCD screen is placed properly.

5. Check the fan, insulation cotton, and protective net to see if the manufacturer is a real manufacturer.

6. Check the drive components such as the drive board, decoder board, terminal block, power supply, etc., and analyze according to the standard of "Electronic Configuration Table".