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The Market Value Of A Digital Signage

When a product enters the market, both the marketer and the user will think: how does digital signings lead us ahead of new and current competitors? It will bring us how to return? First, the digital signage provides us with a faster on-site information delivery system for the audience. We can almost immediately launch products or services, listed in front of competitors, for more time. In terms of operations, digital signage will reduce the time we need to introduce new products, services or promote our brands. We can do all the things in real time, and our current advertising method is expensive and cumbersome. Second, digital signage helps us to improve – like all of our IT systems, they can help us implement things faster and speed up part of the process with minimal risk and cost. Digital signage has a similar purpose.

Digital signage provides easy access to information about products and services, helping to influence the decision-making process and enabling them to update what is being done by us (advertisers) to meet and meet customer expectations. In the future, digital signage may move toward mobile, enabling customers to communicate between digital signage and mobile phones. We can show the content in a new way to the customer, need them to interact, to provide users with a unique user experience, not only to meet their expectations, and beyond their expectations. Of course this will also be the direction of our future efforts.

outdoor digital signage waterproof IP65,

Waterproof IP65 Outdoor Digital Signage With Touch Screen

LCD Digital Signage Available technologies: Available technologies enable us to manage our messages conveniently and remotely. The LCD digital label sets the start and end dates for a specific campaign. Can stream video, real-time display of social media resources, support a variety of video formats: MP4.AVI.DIVX.XVID.VOB.DAT.MPG.RM.RMVB.MKB.MOV.M4V.PMP.AVC.FLV
Supported music formats: Mp3.WINA.OGG.AAC.AC.DTS.FLAC.APE Image format: JPEG.BMP.GIF.DWG. Of course, now our advertising machine can link Wifi, support 3G, 4G and other network use.

Digital signage cabinets can help us maximize display efficiency, no matter how the weather, we can outdoor outdoors advertising-Outdoor Digital Signage. Through the shell, we can control the temperature, extend the service life of thedigital signage network, and reduce the cost of maintenance, repair or replacement. We will also reduce the risk of downtime.
The diversity of technology means that we can do a lot of things with digital signage.Marvel Technology(China)Co.Ltd is one of the biggest manufacturer/supplier of digital signage,touch table LCD video wall. Our products lcd digital signage display with good quality and price.Looking forward to have a connection with you.

interactive solution digital signage supplier

Interactive Solution Digital Signage-China Supplier

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