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It is very important to find the mainstream customer group of LCD advertising displays

Marvel, as a manufacturer of LCD advertising signage integrating production and sales, knows very well that it wants to make the company bigger and st...

Marvel's wonderful review of the ISE2020 in the Netherlands

The 2020 Netherlands International Professional Audiovisual and System Integration Exhibition (ISE 2020) was held on February 11 - 14 at the Amsterdam...

Marvel's wonderful review of the ISE2019 in the Netherlands

The 2019 Netherlands InternationalProfessional Audiovisual and System Integration Exhibition (ISE 2019) was heldon February 5-8 at the Amsterdam Inter...

Top 5 Display Trends – Digital LCD Display

Top 5 Display Trends – Digital LCD Display The current year's Consumer Electronics Show occurred in LasVegas not long ago. With exhibitors from every...

Few Ideas to Purchase LCD Display that you may have not known

Few Ideas to Purchase LCD Display that you may have not known In this advance era, innovation is simply gotten theeveryday feature on the highest poin...

Few Things That Will Help you to Make Reading on LCD More Easy for Eyes

Few Things that will Help you to make reading on LCD more Easy for Eyes Are you using an LCD screen? If yes then this article is foryou. There are man...

Marvel Make A Great Progress In ISE 2018

The 15th edition of ISE, held grandly at the RAI Amsterdam on 6-9 February 2017, is set to be the largest show in the fifteenth’s history. During fou...

Marvel make great progress in ISE2017

The 14th edition of ISE, held grandly at the RAI Amsterdam on 7-10 February 2017, is set to be the largest show in the event’s history. During four days’ show, ISE exhibition has attracted more than 65,000 visitors to more than 1,100 exhibitors.


What kind of functions should the software of the outdoor LCD advertising player achieve?
Release on 2020-10-23Outdoor LCD advertising player is a smart outdoor LCD display device integrating advertising, e-commerce promotion, information release, and interacti...Read More
What standards should the hardware strength of outdoor LCD advertising meet?
Release on 2020-10-15Outdoor LCD advertising player, as a display device that has to withstand the harsh outdoor environment, the body shell on its surface needs to be stu...Read More
Outdoor electronic newspaper reading column, there is a beautiful cultural landscape in the city
Release on 2020-09-241. Let the newspaper reading column in the city rejuvenate: The traditional newspaper reading column is a simple hardware facility. Most newspapers an...Read More
The significance of outdoor LCD advertising player in smart campus
Release on 2020-09-241. It is conducive to the daily teaching, information dissemination and management of the campus: First of all, the installation of outdoor LCD advert...Read More
How to distinguish between wall-mounted LCD advertising displays and home LCD TV?
Release on 2020-09-18From the appearance, the wall-mounted LCD advertising player is indistinguishable from the home LCD TV and ordinary people. They can all meet the requ...Read More
Marvel just finished the show on ISLE in Shenzhen
Release on 2020-09-04As a professional exhibition of TOP screen / integrated audio-video system / audiovisual stage / advertising sign / printing equipment in the eastern ...Read More
What are the types of touch screens of the touch screen advertising machine?
Release on 2020-08-25The price of the all-in-one touch advertising machine varies greatly according to different sizes and configurations, especially some customers are no...Read More
What factors will affect the price of touch all-in-ones?
Release on 2020-08-25There are many factors that affect the price of the same product. For a touch all-in-one machine, the following points are the main factors that deter...Read More
Network connection method of PC Version Stand Alone Digital Signage
Release on 2020-08-14When customers buy the online version of the stand advertising displays, considering the location of the advertising machine, the first thing to solve...Read More
LCD multimedia information release system function introduction
Release on 2020-08-14In contemporary society, multimedia information publishing systems are ubiquitous. Multimedia information publishing systems refer to text, sound, gra...Read More
How Stretched Bar Lcd Display is Widely Used ?
Release on 2020-08-12Stretched LCD display, also known as BAR LCD displays. Bar type LCD display series - ultra-stretched, ultra-wide by design – designed to meet the dem...Read More
MARVEL helps you to easily maintain your outdoor digital signage
Release on 2020-08-10The emergence of new technologies is developing advanced LCD outdoor digital signage, which are increasingly used in different applications. These dis...Read More
What do you need: traditional LED or new LCD outdoor digital signage?
Release on 2020-08-10In our age of interconnection, enterprises need to work smarter to get customers' attention. One way is to use advertising display screens to interact...Read More
Touch screen table in our daily lives
Release on 2020-08-10Table is one of the common furniture in our lives, which you can find in the living room, school, restaurant and other places, becomes an indispensabl...Read More
The 10 Best Things About Standalone digital signage
Release on 2020-08-10With the rapid development of digital signage industry. The status of digital signage advertising has been highlighted, especially as a new media adve...Read More
Benefits of Outdoor LCD Cooling System
Release on 2020-08-10Outdoor lcd offers benefits over traditional methods that make it a cost effective solution in many cases and now it's becoming the popularity of this...Read More
Why You Need A high brightness lcd display?
Release on 2020-07-29At the moment,LCD advertising display are use everywhere in the world. The market for LCD panel manufactures should be huge,the world’d LCD focuses m...Read More
What Are stretched bar lcd?
Release on 2020-07-29Stretched Lcd Display is one of LCD screen type,Ultra wide display size,Stretched lcd display is also called ultra-wide displays or just stretched dis...Read More
What Are outdoor lcd digital signage?
Release on 2020-07-29Outdoor digital display signs captivate your audience 24/7, rain or shine, open or closed. With outdoor electronic signs, you can extend your message ...Read More
a brief introduction to touchscreen desk
Release on 2020-07-29With the rapid development of the times, even touch screen table are developing towards intelligence. Everyone knows that with the research of intelli...Read More