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Das QC-Team besteht aus erfahrenen Ingenieuren und Technikern. Bei der Steuerung des CEFCC-Qualitätsmanagementsystems d ...
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Marvel's wonderful review of the ISE2020 in the Netherlands

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Marvel's wonderful review of the ISE2019 in the Netherlands

The 2019 Netherlands InternationalProfessional Audiovisual and System Integration Exhibition (ISE 2019) was heldon February 5-8 at the Amsterdam Inter...

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Marvel In ISE 2018 große Fortschritte erzielen

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Marvel's wonderful review of the ISE2019 in the Netherlands

The 2019 Netherlands InternationalProfessional Audiovisual and System Integration Exhibition (ISE 2019) was heldon February 5-8 at the Amsterdam International Convention Center in Amsterdam.ISE being the most influential event in the industry represents the highestauthority in the application of audiovisual technology in the commercial field.The Marvel Group brought a variety of LCD display products to the show, whichcaused widespread concern in the international market.

ISE is a top-notch and successful international levelaudiovisual and system integration exhibition in entire the Europe. It attractsprofessionals from 40 different countries around the globe, and caters morethan 1,300 exhibitors. This is a platform provides opportunities forinnovators, self-developers and industry top-shots to introduce upcomingtechnology.

1 Exhibitionevent

Theexhibition was held at the RAI Exhibition Hall in Amsterdam, the Netherlands,for a period of four days. The 11 multi-purpose exhibition halls housed manyLCD industrial chain companies from all over the world. Numerous enterprisesunveiled their upcoming products and technologies that the exhibition. Marvelalso showed the latest generation of LCD displays to the exhibitors, and afterthe pro-test of many overseas customers, the excellent and outstandingperformance of the products led to a large number of orders via our website.

2 Customerphoto

3 Exhibitionproducts

The products thatMarvel highlighted at the exhibition include the newly developed outdoor LCDadvertising machine, vertical intelligent advertising machine, touch table,touch inquiry machine, wall advertising machine and so on. Among them, the sixmajor advantages of the latest version of the outdoor LCD advertising machine(MWE986) are:

1, 9 kinds ofsecurity protection

2, automaticdetection filter

3, self-protectionrobot

4, display statusdetection

5, operation andmaintenance cloud platform remote maintenance

6, operation andmaintenance big data analysis

The newly developedintelligent bus station system has many functions such as real-time arrival andbus station forecasting, IP65 level waterproofing, instant information release,mobile intelligent monitoring, information collection and display, multimediainformation service platform, etc., 32-inch to 98-inch options are available.

Vertical intelligentadvertising machine (MWE955) features: strong endurance, cloud intelligentbackground management, configuration WIFI, intelligent split screen, multi-touch,high-definition LCD screen 178 °, Android and windows dual system selection;

Touchtable (MWE842) features: IP65 waterproof level, original tempered film,high-definition picture quality, multi-screen interaction, easy maintenance,built-in speaker, Android and windows dual system selection;

Coffee table (MWE878) features: IP65 waterproof level,original tempered glass, high-definition picture quality, easy maintenance,built-in speakers, Android and windows dual system selection;

Shenzhen MarvelDisplay & Control Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprisecreated by Shenzhen Municipal Government. Professional R & D, productionand sales of multimedia smart terminals, vertical advertising machines, outdooradvertising machines, electronic multimedia bus stations and other digitalsignage commercial display devices are among their top products. The Marveltechnological, development, and managing team comprises of finest and knowledgeindividuals. These individuals are considered epitome among their respectivefield.

Marvel managementunderstands every customer’s need at an individual level, and incorporate thoseneeds in their product specification. Thus, they deliver a product that is theperfect blend of state-of-the-art technology and consumer requirements.